Art at the Athenaeum in April 2017

It’s not often I can say “I’ve got some art on display at the Athenaeaum!” however today is different! Thanks to the wonderful organization, Women of Indianapolis Arts, I’ve found more opportunities around Indianapolis to display my work.

I don’t have a series to display therefore my wall space is filled with whimsical themes, lighthearted and playful images with a couple of more serious toned acrylic pieces thrown in for good measure. The themes range from my love of Star Wars to “What If” questions which often pass through my mind and eventually turn into something unexpected but beautiful.

Take a look at the slideshow and if you have time, please go to the Athenaeum to see my work and all the other works on display for the month of April. We have so many talented artists in Indianapolis and I’m so pleased to have had this opportunity to show with the lovely women of WOIA.  (To access the Art Display Area enter through Coat Check Coffee and go upstairs to the Basile Theatre entrance).

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Why Not Be Fancy? Adding flair to the everyday.


It’s winter, it’s Christmas and I’ve got a gift to give to a bestie. I feel like making a snowman card but not just ANY snowman. The gift recipient is pretty talented in the art department and deserves some flair. Let’s take it up a notch and do something fancy!

After looking at everything produced this year I’ve come to the realization that this may be my thing…the thing I do.  Take something ordinary and add some sass and dazzle. May false eyelashes…hmm. Anyways! This card was fancified with some discount craft paper from Michaels and a bit of wire ribbon in a lovely shade of burgandy with an off white decorative print.  It was fast, fun, and a few beads and rhinestones later…voila! A chic and fabulous snow-lady!

New Years Resolutions

This year, the magnificent year of 2016, my resolutions are to work more at my art and see if venturing into the world of Etsy is a good idea. I’ve still got two little ones at home with me every day and do a fair amount of design and marketing on the side. This year is all about finding the fine line of balance and prioritizing what is important.

So here’s to the new year and a fancy toad to celebrate with!

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