Why Not Be Fancy? Adding flair to the everyday.


It’s winter, it’s Christmas and I’ve got a gift to give to a bestie. I feel like making a snowman card but not just ANY snowman. The gift recipient is pretty talented in the art department and deserves some flair. Let’s take it up a notch and do something fancy!

After looking at everything produced this year I’ve come to the realization that this may be my thing…the thing I do.  Take something ordinary and add some sass and dazzle. May false eyelashes…hmm. Anyways! This card was fancified with some discount craft paper from Michaels and a bit of wire ribbon in a lovely shade of burgandy with an off white decorative print.  It was fast, fun, and a few beads and rhinestones later…voila! A chic and fabulous snow-lady!

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